Not exactly a trip this one, but an adventure nonetheless. And a good excuse to highlight some great shots by Sarah Duncan (no relation).

Do not look at this if you can’t stand the sight of blood.

I am Ranger for the Day at the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent.

It’s not open to the public. It’s a safe haven for animals that need to retire, have been rescued from circuses, or for those rejected by their mothers or prides.

First up, I need a few barrowloads of meat (all from animals that died naturally I hasten to add), lots of straw for bed making, and a range of enrichment toys and poop scoops.

The holes in the barrel are made by teeth and claws. A pissed-off tiger can easily destroy an iron door.

17kg of horse head anyone? Ah yes, that would suit a lion.

Thanks, that was nice. Anything for my brother? Very well…

Now let’s lob some over the wall for the cheetahs. I thank you.

Then on to the white lions. It’s a recessive gene that does that. When you are six inches from one you get a proper impression of scale. Massive.

Now for the pumas. Let’s see if my Puma Pinata will hold…

Ha. It does. She’s got to work for this…

And of course she succeeds.

Looking quite demonic here.


The male gets a bigger portion, which calls for stronger rope.

I think the puma won. Not a fair fight though. He’s a beautiful boy.

But then so are snow leopards.

Especially when you can feed them by hand. Quite gentle actually… This is the female. Absolutely gorgeous.

But for sheer tug and rip, try a very intelligent and grumpy female jaguar.

Just about retained my hand on that one. The male was much more gentle.

Big thanks to the Big Cat Sanctuary, and to Sarah for the inspired birthday present.

Honestly, this is a hell of a thing to do.