A one-day business trip and first visit to Prague since 2012. A lot has changed in the last 11 years (see previous report), with a significantly enlarged set of flyovers and ring roads. The traffic is permanently solid from 3-7 every day with large numbers ignoring the tram system and electing to drive instead. I stay at the Hotel Century at Na Porci 7 in the old town. Dinner at the Red Stag is 99.9% slabs of meat and steins of local lager – fair enough since they invented the stuff. Since our travel philosophy is never to go anywhere we have been before, this is an unusual reference point and something of a shock inasmuch as it is quite extraordinary how it is possible to degrade a city this fast in ten years flat. Previous score was a superb 10/10 but this now requires a downgrade to 7/10.