Welcome to my travel blog.


I was bitten by the geographical bug early. Born into an Air Force family, I entered the world on a forces base in Gibraltar. Aged six I was skiing to school in Norway and spending the summers swimming in fjords and peering over the Hardangervidda. As a teenager I lived in Naples and climbed my first volcano, the still-smoking Vesuvius. I have been travelling one way or another ever since.


As a book idea, Sod it I’m off was originally subtitled The adventures of a man whoP1070336 lost one fortune, spent another on his children, and decided to spend the third on himself. Going back over the last decade or so, you can investigate places of interest, hand-picked for their cultural intrigue and their extraordinary landscapes. Find out what it’s like to wander up dirt tracks in Bolivia, share bread with a Waroa Indian in his wood-platform house on the banks of the Orinoco, or lord it in a Raj’s palace.

Adventures include negotiating glaciers in Chile, watching volcanos erupt in Costa Rica, colluding with the locals to find tigers in the wild and swimming with elephants in India, cuddling stingrays in Belize, hiring a madman to investigate caves and moai on Easter Island, and staying sober long enough to climb Sydney Bridge.

P1080181I hope you enjoy it. Send me your thoughts.